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    Test your app on real devices

    Ensure app quality by automating your testing process on an expansive library of real mobile devices in the cloud.

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  • Your key to high quality mobile apps

    Deliver high performing apps

    See the real-world performance of your mobile apps by monitoring them on real devices in the cloud — with no in-app code required.

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    Keynote joins Dynatrace to provide the world’s most comprehensive, end-to-end digital performance management solution.

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iOS 9

Keynote Mobile Testing Offers Day One Support for iOS 9

Ensure a positive first interaction and capitalize on the new Apple iOS 9 features with confidence.

Mobile Testing Winter Update

Test Your Website & Apps with Keynote Mobile Testing

Access real smartphones and tablets over real mobile carrier networks in the cloud.

Integration with SAP

Keynote Mobile Testing Integration Available for SAP

Test apps from within SAP® Mobile Secure on real smartphones and tablets in the cloud.


Understand your performance in context

Access expert knowledge, best practice advice and competitive performance rankings by industry

Ensure quality before and after launch

Launch new experiences that work on every device and fix issues that arise faster than ever before

Mobile App Testing

Mobile Testing

Ensure the quality of your mobile apps and mobile websites on real devices and carrier networks. Keynote Mobile Testing, powered by the DeviceAnywhere Cloud, streamlines your testing process and helps you deliver great mobile experiences to your users.

Load Testing

Load Testing

Be confident you are ready for any event. Keynote Load Testing simulates high-volume user traffic on-demand, accurately modeling the interaction, arrival patterns and geographic diversity of real users. Consistently find the most critical bottlenecks threatening your peak period revenue and reputation.

Mobile App Monitoring

Mobile App Monitoring

Take advantage of the only 100% cloud-based solution enabling today’s mobile-first companies to monitor the performance and availability of any mobile app on any smartphone or tablet. Use real mobile devices and live wireless carrier connections to continuously interact with apps 24x7, just like a real customer.

Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring

Discover the most comprehensive, accurate and actionable web performance monitoring and analytics solution for modern websites and cloud services. Proactively monitor, analyze, and report on the performance of your sites for any kind of visitor, no matter what device they use or where they live.


Deliver value across your organization

Streamline how management, business, engineering and operations work together to deliver digital experiences

See the big picture in detail

Understand how your apps and websites measure up with performance analytics and expert knowledge from Keynote

Dashboard iPad

MyKeynote's dynamic dashboards give you real-time performance stats on your web and mobile operations. See trends over time. Quantify performance variations. Drill down into issues. Deliver a better user experience.

Go global with ease

Test, monitor and optimize across the world's major networks – ensuring you deliver the best experience to each customer

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