Keynote and Dynatrace FAQs

The integration of Keynote and Dynatrace represents the beginning of an exciting new phase of growth. Get answers to your questions here.

Account Management and Support

Who will be my main point of contact moving forward?
Does the way I get support when I have an issue change?
Will my level of support change?


Will my pricing change?
Do I have to sign a new contract?
Does the Tax ID change?


I use Keynote synthetic monitoring. Will I need to migrate my product?
I use Dynatrace synthetic monitoring. Will I need to migrate my product?
Will the product roadmap change? What is on the product roadmap?
Do I need to convert or change my test scripts?
Will my reporting portal change?
Will my login change?
Will my synthetic monitoring locations change?
As a synthetic customer, how do I learn more about Dynatrace APM solutions?
I’m a Keynote synthetic customer and a Dynatrace APM customer – does this merger benefit me? How?
I’m both a Keynote and a Dynatrace synthetic customer. What does this mean for my synthetic monitoring services?
What is the Insights service, and can I leverage it if I am a Dynatrace synthetics customer?
What about Keynote Mobile Testing?
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