Keynote Mobile Testing and SIGOS Team Up


What’s happening?

The Keynote Mobile Testing and Monitoring business is being transferred to SIGOS from Dynatrace. The employees in this group will become employees of SIGOS, LLC, which is part of Compuware (as is Dynatrace).

Why is this happening?

Both the mobile testing group and SIGOS have complementary assets that can serve customers better when combined. The expertise of SIGOS and Keynote Mobile Testing in the real device monitoring space will enable product innovation at a greater velocity.

How does it affect my contract with Dynatrace?

The terms of your contract remain in force. In the near future, you will receive information about the legal entity change and additional information to allow you to add SIGOS as an approved vendor. Until that time, no action is necessary on your part, and business will continue as usual. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible with little or no impact to customers. 

Will the Mobile Testing team still operate out of San Mateo?

Yes. We will retain our presence in San Mateo. We believe having a Silicon Valley location is of benefit to our customers and our ability to attract talent. Furthermore, the people that work in this location have many combined years of experience which is a huge asset to the company. In addition, SIGOS’s global footprint with offices in the US, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, and representatives on all continents will enable us to better serve our international customers.

Will we stop developing mobile testing products?

No. We will continue to innovate our mobile testing and monitoring products based on real devices, both for the enterprise and telecommunications markets. We will evaluate where it makes sense to have a common platform with other SIGOS products.

What other changes are anticipated?

There are other changes planned. For instance, we will be changing our email addresses in the future, but our existing Dynatrace emails will stay active for a transition period to allow you to update our addresses in your systems. Our support system and product documentation URLs will likely change in the future, also with a transition period to ensure the original URLs redirect appropriately. We will ensure these changes are as smooth as possible and clearly communicated to you as they occur.


If you have any questions please contact us at or call +1 650-403-2451.

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