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New Product Announcement: Next Generation Data API
End-of-Life Notification: Keynote Data Services

Next Generation Data API

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the Next Generation Data API. Leveraging our new big data architecture which is designed from the ground up to be open, scalable and fast, the new API gives you unprecedented access to Keynote data with the following new capabilities and benefits:

  • Filtering: Pull only the data you need; no need to post-process to remove extra data.
  • Speed: Faster response time due both to better filtering and new no-SQL infrastructure
  • Easy to learn: Fewer and simpler calls; just three different methods
  • Easy to use: Metrics in plain English so you don’t need a dictionary to understand what you are getting.

The NextGen Data API provides access to all Keynote data, replacing all of Keynote's current raw data retrieval services such as Datafeed, Datapulse and the Legacy API (

Keynote Data Services End-of-Life

As part of this migration, Datafeed, Datapulse and the Legacy API ( will reach their End-of-Life on October 31, 2016.  This means that you will need to adjust your method of retrieving Keynote data using the new NextGen Data API format.


What is changing?
Why are you migrating to the new API?
What does this mean to me?
Will you continue to fix bugs in the old data retrieval systems?
Are you making any changes to Alarm API?
Where can I learn about the Next Gen Data API?
I’ve built some procedures around the existing API. Will Dynatrace help us to migrate?
What if I need more time to transition
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