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Keynote Partners with Huawei and Practia Consulting to Deliver Best in Class Mobile Testing Solution for Mexico Mobile Operator

  • A first-of-a-kind integration of Keynote’s leading mobile testing platform - DeviceAnywhere with IBM’s Rational Quality Manager solution, delivering a comprehensive test automation solution for enterprises

SAN MATEO, CALIF. — September 11, 2013 — Keynote® Systems, the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing and monitoring, announces the first commercial deployment of DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for IBM Rational, providing QA teams the ability to execute DeviceAnywhere test automation scripts from within IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) and begin mobile testing on real devices.

The integration of RQM and DeviceAnywhere enables end-to-end testing covering test scenarios that span various systems and technologies. In this specific deployment, built for a large mobile operator in Mexico, the solution manages the following scenarios:

  • Interacting with SMS subscription-based services by sending SMS messages to sign up, recharge, and discontinue value-added services
  • Validating balances on pre-paid accounts by checking the balance on the website, then placing a call using the mobile device. Similar scenarios dealing with recharging pre-paid cards are also being tested
  • Validating voicemail system correct operation by placing calls and validating that communication was established, and testing the voicemail menus
  • Validating data usage on accounts by checking the account usage balance, using data, and checking again, ensuring that the data balance had changed accordingly

Some underlying capabilities, which enable the successful creation of the above test scenarios are:

  • Environment variable passing provides the ability to create complex, data-driven values for test cases, eliminating the need to hard code duplicate test cases with different values.
  • Multi-device test scripts gives testing teams the ability to execute test cases against mobile devices interacting with each other in real-time for SMS testing, file sharing and other complex scenarios.

“Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere solution is technically robust and easy to integrate with Huawei’s existing IBM ALM platform.” said Isaac Leyva, TSD A&S Manager from Huawei®. “This integration enables us to provide comprehensive end-to-end testing solutions for our customers. We found that Keynote’s integration worked seamlessly with our IBM RQM deployment, allowing teams to begin efficient mobile testing immediately.”

“As an industry leader, Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere platform was the obvious choice for an integration with IBM RQM to provide mobile testing capabilities to the IBM ALM suite being implemented” said Sabrina Vazquez Soler, Director or Operations from Practia Consulting Mexico. “Our use of the DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for Rational integration consists of an IBM certified adapter, which can be deployed quickly, enabling QA teams to start mobile testing in a very short period of time.”

“As the rate of organizations “going mobile” increases exponentially, technology teams are in search of development and testing solutions that require minimal adoption effort and provide a positive ROI”, said Nick Halsey, chief marketing officer at Keynote. “DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for Rational enables organizations to quickly and easily extend their traditional software testing to real mobile devices without a steep learning curve. Testing teams can almost immediately execute DeviceAnyhwere test automation scripts from within RQM with the ability to monitor, track, report and share detailed results of testing quickly and efficiently.”

The integration of DeviceAnywhere and IBM RQM provides enterprises the ability to trigger test scripts directly from within RQM. DeviceAnywhere test results (to include text, images and video) are tracked and stored within RQM upon the completion of the test case execution. This allows IBM Rational users to easily and quickly leverage automated mobile testing supported by Keynote incorporating it into an end-to-end test flow.

Customers of IBM Rational who purchase Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere on-premise or cloud-based solution will receive the free RQM Adapter to extend into mobile testing. Additional information about DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for Rational is available here.

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