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Keynote is the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring.

We provide companies with solutions for continuously improving the online experience. With Keynote, companies know precisely how their Web sites, content, and applications perform on actual browsers, networks, and mobile devices.

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Largest Cloud
Monitoring Network

Comprehensive Mobile Testing and
Monitoring Worldwide

Real User Experience Testing at
Your Fingertips

The Keynote Network is comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 275 locations around the world. Our global infrastructure measures real-world performance and provides you with the most accurate perspective on mobile and Internet performance.

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Keynote offers you the industry's leading portfolio of products for testing and monitoring your mobile content, applications, and services using real and simulated devices and browsers, over live mobile operator networks worldwide.

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With over 145,000 real online users, Keynote has one of the most representative panels of real online users from a cross-section of demographics, languages, and connection speeds. We make it easy to evaluate how users actually interact with your site.

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Three market-leading ways to stay on top of your online and mobile presence.

Keynote's market-leading product platforms and services are used by enterprises of all sizes such as online portals, B2B sites, e-commerce sites, mobile operators and mobile infrastructure providers.

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On-demand performance monitoring and load testing for enterprise web and mobile sites including online portals, e-commerce sites and B2B sites. Over 2,000 customers rely on Keynote Perspective services to know precisely how their websites, content, and applications perform on actual browsers, networks, and mobile devices.


The industry’s only true cloud-based solution for testing and monitoring the functionality, usability, performance and availability of mobile applications and websites. Keynote DeviceAnywhere is used by over 1,000 mobile developers and enterprises to deliver mobile applications, content and services faster while reducing downtime and testing costs.


Active end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) testing and monitoring solutions for mobile, fixed and VoIP communications. Keynote SIGOS SITE and Global Roamer products are used by over 200 network operators, content providers, carriers and regulators in over 100 countries worldwide.