KEYNOTE. THE LEADER IN INTERNET AND MOBILE CLOUD MONITORING. Improving online customer experience worldwide. Keynote Monitoring Aggents Span the Globe

Internet Cloud

Full visibility into the performance and availability of your websites and web applications from the Internet.

True to Life Representation
Monitor performance of your most complex Web transactions with the industry's first Web monitoring solution built on real browsers.

Unparalleled Geographic Coverage
Uses the most distributed geographic measurement network for comprehensive end-user coverage.

Last Mile Visibility
Isolate problems with transaction monitoring by comparing performance over DSL, cable, dial-up, and 3G access types to performance over T1/T3 connections.

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Private Cloud

Keynote performance monitoring inside your private cloud.

Portable, Flexible, Easy
Unlike hardware-based APM solutions, Keynote lets you monitor the performance and availability of any Web application or service at any point in your private cloud network. Keynote private agent technologies can be delivered as a “monitoring in a box” appliance solution, or a lightweight software service installable wherever an end-user perspective of performance is needed. Track internal and internal-to-external interdependencies critical to your cloud environment. Whether they are mission-critical business applications, or back-end data APIs, Keynote’s got you covered.

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Mobile Cloud

End-to-end active testing and monitoring of your mobile content, applications and services worldwide.

Networks: Test over LAN or on more than 450 wireless networks in 125 countries


Devices: Extensive library of device profiles as well as real feature phones, smartphones, and air cards

OS: iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm Web, Windows Mobile, and more

Services: Throughput, e-mail, messaging, streaming, WAP, Mobile Web, downloadable apps, IVR, and more

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