The Keynote Global Testing & Monitoring Network

Unsurpassed Real-World Performance Measurement Coverage
Your mobile and Internet business strategy is only as strong as the data that drives it. That's why all Keynote public services run on the industry's broadest, purpose-built global test & monitoring network comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 275 locations around the world.

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The end user perspective revealed
No two users access a website, e-business application, or mobile content in the same way. Differences in Internet backbones, mobile carriers, geographies, browsers and connection speeds all impact end user performance. Keynote takes these variables into account. Only Keynote provides the most accurate and actionable representation of end user experience, 24 x 7:

  • Keynote measures performance across all major Internet backbones so outages in locations critical to your business don't go undetected.

  • Keynote monitors from major cities around the globe so you can measure, compare, diagnose, and improve performance as experienced by your end users—no matter where in the world they are.

  • Keynote uses measurements from real Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and mobile devices to capture the highest-fidelity representation of end user experience.

Data you can trust
While mobile and Web usage patterns can be arbitrary, Keynote performance measurements are not. The Keynote Global Network provides the most statistically representative picture of mobile and Internet performance by generating consistent measurements from clean-room environments so you can react to issues and continuously improve performance with confidence.

The Keynote Global Network provides you with the most consistent, accurate and detailed data on mobile and Internet performance and availability. In real-time, Keynote can monitor, alert, diagnose and test your mobile and Web applications, including those built using Web Services, from inside and outside your firewall.

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