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Keynote industry studies for VoIP service providers gives insights on voice service quality competitive benchmarking and trending information. We have rolled out an extensive test & measurement infrastructure using our commercially available Voice Perspective software-as-a-service product. Voice Perspective agents and responders are deployed nationwide to create user activity across various providers and over various carrier networks. The resulting customer experience measurements provide actionable insights to enhance a voice service provider's competitive edge.

  • With Keynote VoIP Service Provider studies:
  • Understand the true end-user perspective with unparalleled accuracy by automatically placing calls from corporate apartments using residential VoIP services and network services just like a typical residential customer would.
  • Analyze the audio fidelity of user calls in addition to the underlying network performance by using Keynote's automated VoIP Perspective agent technology
  • Trend service reliability and audio clarity over time and compare to competitive trends in leading US markets.
  • Service Reliability scores are based on the key performance metrics of Service Availability, Average Answer Time and Number of Dropped Calls.
  • Audio Quality is an aggregate of Audio Clarity and Audio Delay performance factors.
  • Implement actionable recommendations based on longitudinal analysis and competitive comparisons and validate the impact of the recommendations in the next measurement period

Sample Abstracts

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