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The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index – US shows the averages for commerce mobile including response times, success rates, and speeds for downloading the homepage of selected sites of retailers on popular smartphones using Mobile Web Perspective over Air. The sites that appear in the Retail Index were selected to provide an industry benchmark for well-known retail mobile sites.

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Important: The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written authorization of Keynote.

  • "Response Time" is the average time in seconds it took to download the website to the mobile phone.
  • "Success Rate" is the percentage of time the website successfully downloaded the complete content to the mobile phone.
  • A combined score is created (equally weighting their response and reliability). The higher the score, the higher quality the site is technically. The distance between sites (in terms of their response and reliability) is represented by the distance between scores.

Sites from this list may be temporarily removed from weekly published results due to insufficient data points for a particular week.

Disclaimer: Measurements are taken at highest possible network speeds supported by carrier at the time of the tests. Network conditions can fluctuate and network speeds are subject to these variations. Since variability reflects real end user experience, measurements captured at all speeds are factored into the evaluation of over the air (OTA) performance, availability and download rates.




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