WebEffective® tells you not only what users are doing at your Web site, but also why they interacted with your site the way they did. It is the only research tool for Web site usability testing that allows you to capture your customer’s complete online experience, including client-side interactions with dynamic Web sites.

WebEffective is driven by Keynote’s extensive infrastructure which includes one of the most representative panels of over 160,000 real online users from a cross-section of demographics, languages, and broadband and dial-up connections. With WebEffective you also have the flexibility to use other user panels of your choosing or to intercept visitors to your site.

WebEffective combines the best of market research, usability labs and web analytics providing usable data from virtually any website. It supports large user samples to provide reliable information on their attitudes and behavior.

WebEffective provides you with information to confidently improve the user experience on your site.

Why Keynote WebEffective?

  • Truest user experience - Get a complete view of your online user's intentions, attitudes, and behaviors which are captured as they actually navigate through your Web site or across many sites.
  • Sound methodology - Combines quantitative and qualitative behavioral data and attitudinal analysis information for making actionable insights and strategic decisions.
  • Extensive panel - Have access to one of the most representative panels, including a cross-section of demographics using desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Several ways to recruit - Use Keynote's extensive panel, intercept actual users as they are interacting with your site, or recruit your own email list of users.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools - Provides data segmentation for side-by-side comparison and correlation of groups and the ability to export data to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS.