SITE Test System

The Keynote SIGOS SITE (System Integrated Test Environment) Test System is the most comprehensive solution for testing and measuring your entire mobile network operations - all from one company. SITE allows you to conduct protocol level testing and monitoring that supports a wide variety of networks and mobile services.

In addition, SITE utilizes SIM card multiplexing that can handle up to 1,000 SIM profiles to offer maximum flexibility and the ability to rapidly execute tests and measurements.

With SITE Test System, you have one complete system comprised of test probes and software to test and measure the quality and reliability of your network applications and services. Mobile operators the world over rely on SITE to deliver the highest subscriber satisfaction.

Why SITE Test System?

  • Model real subscriber behavior - Continuous monitoring through scripts that simulate end-user behavior.
  • Comprehensive core network testing - Enables you to test and measure every type of communication protocol and service.
  • Multiple technologies - Supports new technologies such as GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS with no loss of quality.
  • Detailed measurement activity - Provides activity logs for deep test analysis.
  • Modular structure - Guarantees maximum flexibility in service, protocol, and end-to-end testing.
  • Powerful scripting language - Provides the most flexible and highly customizable scripting language.
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Keynote SIGOS SITE System can be deployed into a Mobile Operator’s network in several customized configurations.

Keynote SIGOS is a Keynote subsidiary exclusively focused on mobile carriers and operators worldwide. Click here to explore SITE and other telecom solutions.