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Keynote Web load testing gives you peace of mind. Your Web site will be tested with real-world Internet traffic to uncover performance problems long before they impact your business. That's why the largest Internet sites in the world rely on Keynote.

Why Keynote Web Load Testing?

  • On-demand and hassle-free, our load testing service is built on our highly reliable global Web performance testing and monitoring network.
  • Our load testing experts analyze and recommend real solutions, so you can focus on what you do best-serving your customers.
  • Scale up to one million concurrent users from multiple Internet backbones and countries.
  • Do it your way. Whether you want to do it yourself or have someone do it for you, our experts are ready to help.
Why Keynote Web Load Testing?



Test Perspective

Accurately predict how your Web site will scale to meet user demand from outside your firewall and from multiple locations simultaneously.

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Managed Service


Our consultants use advanced modeling to generate real-world Internet traffic to uncover problems long before they affect your site.

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Web load testing your way. Not all Web load testing is the same. We know your needs are unique and the way you work differs.

We've created an easy comparison chart for you to explore your options. Whether you want to do it yourself or have someone do it for you, we have experts ready to help.

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Web Load Testing 101

Slow Websites can lead to loss of customers and revenue, so assessing Website performance to identify performance bottlenecks is a key task. And being proactive by determining in advance the performance limits of your Website and Web applications is essential to ensuring its optimal functioning under a wide range of conditions.

A great way to make sure that your Web pages are loading easily and functioning properly under stress is to test your Website and individual Web pages under load. Web load testing helps establish a baseline for future testing, tuning, and determining compliance with performance goals and requirements.

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What Is Web Load Testing?

Web load testing is the process of simulating the presence of users from various geographical locations on your Website to assess how it performs. Performance issues arise when any component of the Web infrastructure is stressed and cannot adapt under high user load. You need to perform Web load testing to find out how many concurrent visitors your site can serve at any given time.

Why Is Web Load Testing Important?

Web load testing gives you feedback on the performance of your Website to help you ensure that it's functioning optimally even when it is handling high traffic loads. Web load testing includes these steps:

  • Identify customer-critical scenarios and paths through your Website.
  • Identify how much workload to allocate to key scenarios.
  • Identify key performance metrics and verify them against performance objectives.
  • Design tests to simulate such as searching your product catalog or adding items to a shopping cart.
  • Analyze data gathered during tests.

Advantages of Web Load Testing

As load increases on your Website, Web load testing identifies factors that can impact the performance of your site, especially those that can negatively affect a visitor's experience. Web load testing:

  • Reduces the risk of downtime
  • Improves deployment quality
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks
  • Provides performance statistics to guide developers
  • Improves scalability of the Website and Web applications
  • Minimizes risk related to performance requirements
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Features of a Good Web Load Testing Tool

A good Web load testing tool identifies performance issues on your Website and applications, under large-scale user stress scenarios, before they occur in an actual production environment. An efficient Web load testing software should be:

  • Global and robust. For large sites, it must be able to emulate millions of users.
  • Realistic and flexible. It must provide realistic metrics on the functioning of the Website outside the firewall and be able to factor in the unpredictable nature of users on the Internet.
  • Reliable. It must deliver consistent results, uncovering even tiny performance problems.
  • Comprehensive. It must provide realistic browser support so that it can test applications written using AJAX, Flash, XML, JavaScript, and other tools across widely used browsers.

Web load testing from Keynote helps you identify the maximum operating capacity of your site or application, and in turn allows you to locate bottlenecks that could interfere with the optimal functioning of your Website. Most Web load testing software must be installed, configured, and test-run on your infrastructure – tasks that can be both time consuming and expensive. With Keynote’s SaaS version of Web load testing, you can now conduct tests on-demand from the dedicated Keynote load testing network.