Performance Insights

Do you need an objective assessment of your website’s technical health? Don’t have all the in-house expertise to resolve performance issues? This ongoing, relationship based service partners you with a Keynote performance consultant who helps you monitor, identify and resolve your site’s performance issues and turn it into a high performing web asset


Web site monitoring

solution can help you keep your Web site in optimal working condition, while significantly reducing human effort. However, you may have questions on the data or need advanced technical assistance in analyzing the data and understanding what can be done to fix performance issues. Keynote’s Performance Insights delivers a blend of Web site monitoring software and custom consulting, tailored to your needs.

Using Keynote’s best of breed measurement technology as the foundation, we measure your business critical applications 24/7. Our Web site monitoring solution provides in-depth analysis of the top technical challenges on your site and helps you take corrective action to improve your user experience. Every month we prepare a management report that we discuss with your team and executives that you define. In this report we present key performance indicators for your web site as well as monitoring trends and in-depth diagnosis of issues and events. In addition, your Keynote consultant is available on an ongoing basis to provide ad hoc analysis, answer questions, and make sure that your Web site is running smoothly.

With Keynote you can:

  • Rely on performance experts to measure and monitor your key business paths and provide you the industry and Internet context to drive performance improvement.
  • Focus your scarce time and resources on the key issues that bring you maximum site performance improvements.
  • Move your team and technology partners from the blame game to problem resolution.
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