Web Site Performance Assessment

Are you planning to launch a new site? Are you getting complaints about existing site quality? If so, a

Website Performance

 Assessment is the answer. Our consultants will measure your web site(s) performance and perform a complete technical quality assessment with the goal of providing actionable recommendations for improving your user experience.

Keynoteís Web performance monitoring products monitor website performance from the end-userís perspective and show you precisely how your e-business performs at the application, transaction, and infrastructure level in real time. Our consultantís take this data output , analyze it and deliver detailed input on strategies you can deploy immediately to improve Web performance.

All our Web performance testing and measurement products utilize our global test and measurement network, which represents the widest geographic coverage of online users in the world. You can test, measure and improve your service levels in real-time from more than 2,400 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 240 locations and 160 metropolitan areas.

Why Keynote Web Performance?

As part of our website performance assessment, Keynote conducts a point-in-time assessment. This will measure your site from outside the Firewall just as your users would with our proprietary measurement technology. Keynote performs a detailed analysis of your site data, compares it to web norms and industry best practices. We perform detailed root cause analysis for areas of concern based on web site performance and propose specific actions how to turn your web site into a high-performing web asset. With Keynote Website Performance Assessment you can:

  • Understand why and when your website performance is outside of accepted standards for technical quality.
  • Know exactly which components of your web site (infrastructure, third party content, application, network or page content) are impacting performance.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and align your infrastructure with business expectations.
  • Allocate your IT dollars cost-effectively to maximize end-user impact.
  • Enhance overall end user experience.
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You know there’s a problem but where?
In this sample Diagnostic Audit, Keynote detected the same error pattern from both the Internet and the customer’s datacenter, revealing that the source of the errors was a site infrastructure problem.