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Keynote Web Privacy Monitoring

Track the trackers. Find out which third-party ad networks are tracking visitors to your website. Determine who may be violating your company's privacy policy and understand your level of exposure. When violations occur, our actionable data gives you an audit trail to help you quickly address the potential privacy risk.

Web Privacy Tracking

Privacy Monitoring

Keynote monitors online behavioral tracking and exposes the third-parties tracking your Web visitors, and whether they violate your privacy policies.

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How Keynote Web Privacy Monitoring Works


The monitoring process begins with you choosing up to 70 global locations.


Keynote Web Privacy Tracking monitors your website around the clock capturing all companies placing cookies on your site and matching them to our extensive database of over 1,000 referring domains.


Keynote can detect which ad networks adhere to—or violate—your privacy policy and provide a detailed audit trail that shows which ad network partner brought them to your website.