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  • Webcast

    This webcast is perfect for developers, testers and QA professionals who need to ensure the highest levels of continuous app quality and performance through the release of iOS 8.


    Ben Rushlo, VP of Analytics at Keynote Systems, sits down to discuss performance in context, the cautions of responsive design, and more.


    Watch this roundtable discussion, where NetSuite and Keynote experts discuss performance in context.

  • Webcast

    The online retail sector enjoyed another record year in 2013. How can you apply last year’s lessons to deliver optimal performance to this year’s customers? 


    The need for effective apps and mobile websites is clearly recognized. In a recent Accenture survey of senior executives, more than three-quarters placed mobility in their top five priorities for 2014. Four in ten companies report that they have aggressively pursued and invested in mobile technologies. At the same time, however, overall most say they have not made substantial progress; less than half say their mobile efforts have been effective.


    Keynote performance experts highlight the eye-popping results of the exclusive, month-long retail responsive design site test.

  • Case Study

    Keynote LoadPro services gave Karmaloop peace-of-mind knowing that its site was ready for the heavy lifting it would require over the busy holiday season.

    White Paper

    A 2-second page load is ambitious, let alone Google’s recommendation for 1 second. Site designers may have little control over the mobile network itself, but they have plenty of control over how their pages behave on both the device and the server. Nobody can guarantee 2-second page load times, but techniques abound for rendering satisfying, above-the-fold (i.e., initial page render) content on a mobile browser with minimal delay. Above all, applying those techniques to reduce the number of network round-trips per page should be the site designer’s top priority.


    Keynote Mobile App Monitoring is the fastest and easiest way to accurately understand mobile application performance and availability.

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