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April Release

By Aaron Rudger | April 5, 2012

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Ah, spring! Hard not to love this time of year, especially when it brings new goodies. In the spirit of "new" we're excited to share some great news for Keynote customers!

Yesterday, we made generally available all the innovations hundreds of our customers have been trying out in the MyKeynote 11 live beta over the past two months. We've been sharing a lot of information about what's new in this major release, but if you've missed the low-down, here's a quick summary:

  1. User Experience metrics

    -Keynote Transaction Perspective was the first synthetic monitoring service to use real browsers for measuring Web page performance, and has always captured the total time a Web page takes to download and assemble in the browser: Total User Time. But now, Transaction Perspective measurements using our new IE 9 agents also capture Browser Events using the W3C Navigation Timing API, plus 3 new User Experience metrics: Time to First Paint, Time to Full Screen and Time to Interactive Page.

  2. Web Privacy Tracking - You might be wondering, what does privacy has to do with Keynote? The fact of the matter is that just as performance needs regular monitoring from the end user perspective, privacy does too. Both are a part of the online experience Keynote helps companies continuously improve. And if your website serves advertising, Keynote can now help you monitor your website's privacy exposure around the clock, and build trust with visitors. Keynote Web Privacy Tracking is a completely new product that shows the third party ad networks who are tracking your site visitors, how they came to your site and whether they are complying with your corporate privacy policy.
  3. New look, fresh feel - Whether its real-time dashboards are running like heads-up displays in a NOC, or it's opened from an alert, the MyKeynote monitoring portal is the go-to resource for Web Ops teams everywhere. We've given MyKeynote a new design that makes monitoring easier and more efficient than ever. Although many improvements are easy to spot, most just make it “feel” better.

You can see all this new functionality in action by watching this 10-minute video. Check it out!

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