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Chanel France Runs Away with the Mobile Gold

By Aaron Rudger | August 7, 2012

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

SummerGamesWeek2Last week we published the first week of results in our Keynote Mobile Retail International Summer Games. The games features top retailers around the world and scoring is based on the performance of their mobile websites as found in the Keynote Mobile Retail Index - World Edition. Retail is all about competition and the drive to be the best in the world isn’t limited to a handful of athletes in London. And while we can’t all run or swim really fast, we can take pride in our compatriots’ abilities to deliver a fast and consistent mobile experience. What’s more, we all know the pain of a slow or unsuccessful download.

Last week, pre-games favorite Chanel from France took the gold with a quick mobile Web download and 100% site availability. However it looked like a few challengers were poised to make a run. This week the competition heated up as 5 different sites were able to deliver perfect 100-scores in Success Rate. And while the overall index load time stayed virtually unchanged at 11.83 seconds, the top performers were able to raise the bar in the race for speed.

Now the results of week two are in… how did they all fare?

France’s Chanelis the back-to-back champ with a second Gold.

Load Time and Availability are both important in our games and Chanel’s ability to maintain 100% availability for the third week in a row is an impressive showing. They were able to nudge out mobile websites with slightly faster performance. Of course, shaving 0.27 seconds off their earlier average helped them keep the competitors at bay.

Germany misses chance for sweep but still captures the Silver (OTTO) and Bronze (Amazon).

Last week, Germany's OTTO didn’t place but was well-poised to make a jump, and they did improving their success rate (availability) for the second consecutive week getting up to 99.70%. And while they were faster than Chanel by 0.37 seconds, it wasn’t enough to propel them all of the way to the top. Amazon Germany earned its second medal by maintaining 99.70 success rate and while improving the overall download time. ALDI of Germany dropped out of medal contention despite keeping a steady load time. Their nearly 1 percent fall in availability moved them down to the 8th spot eliminating Germany’s hopes at capturing the sweep.

Rounding out the field Unfortunately the Japanese team fell way out of contention as Amazon Japan dropped from 5th to 11thplace. This drop was far too much to compensate for the slow download speeds of Bellemaison Japan,Nissen Japan and Rakuten Japan. Much like a four person relay team, when three members are really heavy (900K – 1,700K in size, 76 – 117 objects downloaded) the chances for Summer Games glory are probably a wish at best. TESCO (UK) on the other hand was able to make sure that the country flag made it into the top three. TESCO improved their website Success Rate to 99.69% and with a load time in the 5 second range, ended up with a very respectable 976 points.

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