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Are You Trippin'?

By Aaron Rudger | February 23, 2012

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

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If you were planning your next trip using one of these popular startup travel sites, you may want to take care of things before you leave the house. Navigating on the iPad may be slow, and the iPhone spotty at best.

In an exclusive relationship with VentureBeat, Keynote recently published the Startup Shootout Monthly Index. We measured website performance across the three screens that matter most—the desktop, smartphone and tablet. Data was collected for an entire week from multiple locations with Internet Explorer over the IP backbone, and the iPhone 4 & iPad 2, over the ATT & Verizon networks. The shootout focuses on hot startups in 6 exciting categories, and Travel is hot.

While Kayak seems to be paddling away as the speediest in response time on the desktop at 1.19 seconds, the site slows down significantly (more than five seconds) on the iPhone 4 and even more painfully, the iPad 2 is 15.13 seconds slower than on its desktop counterpart (nearly 14 times slower, ouch!) and takes third place in the travel category for tablet response time.

It seems that even though TripAdvisor’s home page loads the fastest on the iPhone 4, reliability of the site is near the bottom of the lot at 89.42 percent. Success rates below 90 percent rank would near the bottom of our Mobile Travel & Hospitality Index, covering more established US websites on smartphones. If someone can’t get to your site 1 out of every 10 tries—you’ll probably lose a lot of visitors (and potential business).

While it’s clear that the tablet is by far the slowest of the three screens, JetSetter is the only startup that keeps both its iPhone and iPad response times under ten seconds and with the best greatest reliability over both mobile and tablet measurements.

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