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1st Week Winners of Mobile Retail International Summer Games

By Aaron Rudger | July 31, 2012

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SummerGamesWeek1We decided to have some fun in honor of the games in London and create our own games, based on the Keynote Mobile Retail Index - World Edition. In the Keynote Mobile Retail International Summer Games we let countries and retailers battle it out based on the performance of their mobile websites.

Earlier in the week we announced the games and provided preview from our preliminary trials. Today we're announcing medals based on the first week of performance along with some insight as to how they got there.

French favorite (Chanel) captures the Gold.

Chanel delivers a simple sleek site showing design elegance. Chanel gets the gold for the first week with the combined score for Load Time and Success Rate. The key lesson in their continued success is maintaining 100% availability.

Germany shows up strong capturing the Silver (Amazon) and Bronze (ALDI).

Moreover, Germany's OTTO just missed out on this week’s medals despite having the fastest load time for the second consecutive week. OTTO jumped up to the 4th spot by increasing availability from 98.50% to 99.09%. This highlights how fractions of a percentage point increase can greatly improve how users experience a site.

Let’s not forget that "Performance Enhancement" is perfectly legal in the Keynote Mobile Retail International Summer Games. OTTO (with 22 objects on the homepage) and ALDI (22 objects) download about twice as many objects than Amazon Germany (11). When it comes to mobile, each object downloaded can have a negative impact on the performance of a site. With a few quick changes it’s very conceivable that they could jump over their country mates and challenge Chanel (18 objects) for the top spot next week.

Rounding out the field

Although not necessarily coming in with a blazing fast time, Amazon Japan demonstrates that hitting the 100% availability mark for two weeks in a row can secure a top 5 finish. While the other Japanese retailers have a long way to go, Amazon Japan was able push the country flag above all other countries other than France and Germany. Conversely, TESCO (UK) dropped out of the top 5 despite maintaining a download speed that was among that of the top finishers. Their 1.22% drop in availability took them out of the running altogether. Over the course of a year, not being available 1.22% of the time is the equivalent of having a retail store closed an additional 4 ½ days. If TESCO can turn it around they should be serious contenders in next week’s event.

Last Week's Prelim Top Finishers

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