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Monitoring the 340 Trillion Trillion Trillion: Keynote and IPv6

July 19, 2012

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

As a kid, were you fascinated by really big numbers? I was and remain so to this day. While the number of addresses that IPv6 can theoretically support is not quite a googol, it is a really big number: 2128, or more than 340 trillion trillion trillion.

Speaking candidly, it would thrill me to no end to see Keynote monitor that many sites one day! For now, let's focus on monitoring just one site: Google's IPv6 test site, As I sit here typing this on my laptop, I'm on a workaday vanilla IPv4 network, so when I go to this site I see the following:


Now, Keynote has a set of monitoring agents running real Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers that are connected to IPv6 networks. But rather than taking someone else's word that these agents can monitor any of those 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses, I wanted to test this out myself!

Using Keynote Internet Testing Environment (KITE), I recorded a test script that would explicitly fail unless it were being played back over an IPv6 network. I did this by adding a simple error text validation condition:

Error text

So when I play this back in KITE on my own laptop, I get an error because the site says "You don't have IPv6". But when I upload this script to our monitoring agents, it works like a charm. In fact, I can drill into my monitoring data to see the screenshots the agents have captured:


So there we have it: the future of the Internet in its full 128-bit glory!

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