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KITE 5: Introducing New User Experience Metrics

By Aaron Rudger | March 27, 2012

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

KITE has always provided a rich set of information about the network performance of web sites and applications. Now KITE 5 gives you further insight into web performance by reporting a class of User Experience metrics based on the W3CNavigation Timing specification. These new metrics reflect the user experience of your web site or application by reporting what is happening in Internet Explorer 9 during script playback.

When you play back Transaction Perspective (TxP) scripts in IE9, KITE automatically captures key browser events that allow you to answer questions about users’ experience of your web site or application, such as:

  • When does a user actually see something other than a blank browser window?
  • When can a user click, swipe or scroll on a page?
  • How fast is the page for real users?

You can find these metrics reported as “Browser Events” in the Transaction Performance Details tab:


Time to Full Screen

Time to Full Screen is a special user experience metric that indicates when a page has loaded to a specified point. For example, this could be the time it takes to display a “full screen” of the page until the user has to scroll to see more content, sometimes known as “above the fold”. KITE let's you define this by identifying a specific page element, and measuring the elapsed time up to when that object starts downloading.

The Time to Full Screen is reported in milliseconds as a page level component on the Transaction Performance Summary when the script is run.


Read the full release notes for more detail on these, and all of KITE 5's new features.

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