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Another Win for Keynote Customers

By Aaron Rudger | May 14, 2012

CATEGORIES: Web Performance
CODiE 2012 Keynote Cloud Application Perspective

When Keynote introduced Cloud Application Perspective last year, we believed that it addressed a critical gap in the way companies monitored the performance of their Web applications. As “cloud” technologies have emerged, websites have become more a coupling of components from multiple assembly lines, rather than a product manufactured in a dedicated IT application factory. Monitoring the performance of a website in its end-user state—the sum of the many parts—makes sense. But when issues arise, quickly finding their location in the “supply chain” can be a challenge.

What if you could drop something into that “supply chain”, at the key points of potential failure, giving you insight into your Web app’s performance? What if this was so easy to install, a non-IT person could do it in minutes? And what if the cost was just pennies per measurement?

Last week, the SIIA CODiE awards recognized Keynote Cloud Application Perspective for best Cloud Application/Service, along with Google and Scribe Software. They did so because Cloud Application Perspective offers customers a radically new way to monitor their websites and applications. Unlike traditional APM options, Cloud Application Perspective is uber-portable, monkey-simple to implement and really affordable.


Although we’re honored to have won this award, our customers are the real winners. Taking advantage of the cloud can be complex. Monitoring it should be easy. If you’d like to see how easy it can be with Cloud Application Perspective, get a free trial today!

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