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Firefox & User Experience Metrics, Now in KITE

By Aaron Rudger | November 21, 2012

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Firefox-512-noshadowWe're happy to announce the latest release of KITE--the Keynote Internet Testing Environment. This upgrade includes several new features, most of which have come from the direct user feedback we receive at our Web Performance Community forum. One especially noteworthy improvement is the inclusion of the Firefox 12 browser instance for recording and playback of Firefox-based user interactions.

Firefox 12 allows KITE to capture User Experience metrics, just as it has for several months now on IE-based scripts and test runs. Browser event timings are visible in the Transaction Performance Details pane:


For a full list of all the enhancements in this release of KITE, visit the Community.

Most importantly, be sure to upgrade your copy of KITE today! If KITE doesn't remind you itself, you can force an update by selecting Options -> Check Now.

Happy testing!

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