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Can You Rely on Your Mobile Site?

By Aaron Rudger | September 11, 2012

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ClosedWe often talk about speed and optimization, but site reliability is just as important to get your customers to repeatedly visit to your mobile site and build brand loyalty. According to the Keynote Mobility Survey, 48% of smartphone users experienced a problem with loading errors and the inability to open the page.

This can be a frustrating experience for mobile users and a good reason to either not come back or visit your competitors mobile site.

There are a few standard practices to combat the pitfalls of bad performance, and continuous monitoring & testing is the best way to find out when and where your mobile site is failing. Finding issues before your customers do and fixing them quickly is the key to scoring well in terms of website reliability.

Who does reliability right?

Keynote keeps running measurements of mobile websites from several industries on our Keynote Mobile Performance Indices. On any given week we can see different companies at the top of the list for reliability. But if you follow the weekly indices long enough you'll see that the companies that rank best tend to be the same, suggesting a greater attention to mobile website availability. Conversely, those at the bottom seem to repeatedly rank poorly in any given week.

For the week ending September 9th, here's who were on top:

Bank of America leads the financial services US bracket with a 99.79% success rate, beating out American Express and Sun Trust for the title of most reliable financial service mobile site in the United States.

Looking atretailers from global perspective, the Mobile Retail World Index Darty (France), Amazon (Japan), H&M (Sweden) and Ellos (Sweden) all managed to have perfect 100% reliability (success rate) which contributed to strong overall rankings. Of equal importance, the four websites that did worst in reliability also fared poorest in overall performance ranking.

Visiting news and portal sites is a top activity for smartphone users according to 75% of our panel in a recent Keynote Mobile Survey. So keeping a mobile news site up around should be of paramount importance, especially because you can't predict when news will break. While it's quite a heavy site leading torelatively slowdownloads, the New York Times mobile site still maintained an impressive 99.87% availability for the week in our Mobile News & Portal Index.

Social networkingis another top activity for smartphone owners,with 76% of owners using their smartphones to connect and interact on social sites. One site that's come a long way in terms of reliability is Twitter with perfect scores of 100% reliability (success rate) for the week on both smartphones and tablets. Once known for the ubiquitous fail whale, Twitter is now making great strides in being there for visitors on the go.

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