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HTML5 Enables Growth at Zoosk

By Product Management | September 18, 2012

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

zooskOne of the premier dating sites on the web has expanded its mobile presence. In a recent article, GoMo News’ Tony Dennis wrote “over the last 12 months, mobile traffic to the sites’ HTML5 and mobile apps has increased by 148 percent. [Zoosk] has two native apps and the company has found that Android Zoosk users account for 55 percent of mobile app usage, whilst iOS users claims the other 45 percent of apps traffic.” HTML5 allows developers to finally develop on the coveted write-once, run anywhere platform which frees them up from device- or OS-related compatibility issues. This brings up the question of whether to test on a real device or use browser-based testing. It’s a common dilemma for enterprise mobile app developers and QA professionals. While most agree that testing on real devices is optimal for understanding the true mobile user experience, there are also some very practical efficiency and automation benefits to be gained from browser-based testing. There are tradeoffs either way. 

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