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Android Fragmentation: More OS Versions, More Headaches for Developers, QA, and IT Teams (Part 2)

By Josh Galde | August 22, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Welcome to part 2 of a 4 part series on Android fragmentation. In a recent article in ‘Search Consumerization’, Margaret Jones covered this issue and how it has really become a major challenge for anyone developing apps or websites for the mobile platform. As Android continues to dominate worldwide, this has developers and QA teams alike pulling their hair out trying to contain the problem while attempting to develop for mobile devices with the highest level of quality, ensuring the highest possible success in the market for their app or service.

As it relates to IT organizations, Jones comments in her article saying that “because the Android OS is so fragmented, enterprise IT can't standardize on one Android OS version, which makes supporting devices a nightmare. Each operating system version and device has different features, so some Android OS versions come with more management features than others. Early versions of the OS don't have as many management hooks for IT, but those versions are still in use and are in the enterprise, so IT has to find ways to manage them. For many companies, that means finding a mobile device management tool that can control a wide variety of Android OS versions, plus the other mobile OSes that are accessing the corporate network, but performing that task is easier said than done.”

To read more follow our blog and catch our next installment as we continue this conversation in a 4 part series.

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