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Summer Release: Introducing Intelligent Real User Monitoring

By Aaron Rudger | August 8, 2013

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Last night, our talented and dedicated engineering and operations teams released an exciting new product: Keynote Real User Perspective. This newest member in the Perspective family of monitoring services delivers actionable insight into the performance of Web and mobile sites based on the experience of real users.


Real User Perspective is special in 3 ways:

  • Lightweight SaaS
  • A W3C standards-based browser tag and beacons make collecting real user performance measurements easy without impacting experience. No hardware, server software, or application code instrumentation.
  • Start-to-end Real User Journeys  RUP-path-analyze

Unlike other real user monitoring offerings, Real User Perspective is the first RUM product to focus on real user transactions—the start-to-end visitor journeys that matter to your business. Our innovative big data processing and pattern-matching technologies discover and organize all the variations in user journeys for meaningful analysis. Real User Perspective makes sense of the noise often found in real user data so you can focus your performance improvement efforts efficiently, for the greatest return.

Integrated with Synthetic


Real User Perspective automatically finds all of your existing Keynote Transaction Perspective synthetic monitoring transactions and models them for analysis with real user data. This unique integration helps you answer questions like:

  • How many users are being impacted by a performance alarm for a transaction issued by Transaction Perspective?
  • What is our site’s performance for users in an emerging market where we haven’t yet provisioned a Keynote monitoring agent?
  • Should I be monitoring a different set of pages in Transaction Perspective than the ones I’ve already scripted?
  • What’s causing my real user performance average for a transaction to trend slower?

Web Performance Monitoring Just Got More Intelligent

With this release, Keynote now offers the most comprehensive offering for end user experience monitoring delivered as a service. It culminates a tremendous amount of development, infrastructure orchestration, and feedback from the scores of customers who participated in our product advisory and beta programs. Customers can now complement active, clean-room, synthetic monitoring with passive, real user monitoring that aligns to business outcomes—a marriage made in heaven! We think that’s more intelligent web performance monitoring, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Let us know @keynotesystems and connect with us for a free trial.

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