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Consumers Continue to Experience Problems Using Mobile Apps

By Josh Galde | December 12, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

In a recent article posted on Keynote's Benchmark online magazine, the author discusses the problems of mobile apps and websites not working or having problems and the ongoing frustration by consumers.

The author writes "In what seems like the blink of an eye, the smartphone has become the most ubiquitous, most used, and at least some of the time, most frustrating technology in the developed world. The majority of consumers now carries smartphones and depends on them in almost every aspect of their lives. Businesses are finding more and more of their revenues are mobile-dependent in one way or another. And yet a stunning 84% of consumers — that’s virtually everybody — have experienced problems conducting a mobile transaction.

That volume of failed experiences is not surprising, given that not even one-third of businesses have an effective mobile application testing programs in place, according to the 2012-13 World Quality Report. Published by Capgemini, Sogeti, and HP, the report is based on a large worldwide survey of financial, IT and quality assurance executives.  The picture it paints of mobile quality testing today is alarming. One can almost see the sheepish expression on respondents’ faces as they acknowledge the embarrassing nature of the problem — specifically the lack of rigorous application testing programs — here more than six years into the smartphone revolution. At the same time, though, one can see solution paths in the data that many companies say they’re eager to embrace."

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