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Miss our Webinar on How to Extend your Existing IBM RQM Environment to Mobile? VIEW NOW ONLINE!

By Product Management | February 19, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

If you missed our webinar today on our IBM RQM integration and mobile testing in general, we encourage you to

check it out for yourself! It was an amazing event, attended by many of the top Fortune 1000 companies in the US. Presenters included: Leigh Williamson, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Rational Quality Software CTO Team & Rachel Obstler, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Keynote DeviceAnywhere


What if you could effectively manage the cost and complexity of your mobile application testing without compromising the quality of the result? An effective mobile application testing strategy that uses real devices while leveraging your existing test environment and testing methods—including manual testing, automated testing, and continuous monitoring—can help deliver better results.IBM’s mobile app testing strategy works by combining multiple testing techniques and utilizing specialized techniques and services from IBM partners, such as Keynote. Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere platform enables mobile app and website testing on real devices, helping to improve quality of your mobile applications while accelerating your test process and making it cost-effective.

During this event, Leigh Williamson from IBM and Rachel Obstler from Keynote shared:

How to simplify your mobile testing with test automation, while leveraging your existing environment

How to enable improved control over your testing processes with advanced, state-of-the-art features

How to utilize IBM’s Rational Quality Manager and DeviceAnywhere together to easily test on real devices with real results

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