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Can We Put a Price on Quality of our Mobile Apps and Websites?

By Product Management | January 24, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

The quality of a mobile app or website is critical to the success of your business if it’s trying to monetize their existing assets on the mobile platform. It can be do or die for that app. Therefore the importance of the QA team and management is vital to any companies mobile efforts.

According to the recent 2012 -13 World Quality Report (WQR) “Technological innovations and initiatives are increasing the workload for ever-stretched QA teams, but the corresponding QA and testing budgets appear to be weathering the economic storms. In 2011, these budgets were not supporting the challenges faced in the marketplace, but this year’s survey (by WQR) finds testing budgets growing at a stronger rate than last year, with 42% reporting that budgets had risen over the past 12 months. While 18% forecast a fall when looking ahead to 2015, some 53% optimistically expect budgets to rise, indicating a new degree of confidence that the business is more committed to investing in QA.

Moreover, the focus appears to have shifted from “business as usual” tasks to investment in transformational work, to drive enhancements, and 59% of the budget is now spent on customer-facing applications. So priorities are changing to support the core areas of the business that will require an optimized platform for efficient delivery of testing, which we regard as a positive step.

For the first time, the World Quality Report has established a worldwide benchmark for testing hourly rates, internally and externally. Firms are paying a global average hourly rate of around $55 per hour for in-house testers, compared to $53 for external support – a differential of $2 per hour. Obviously, rates vary greatly from region to region and can be affected by the scarcity of available skills in local markets. Does this represent the price of quality? Only an individual business can make that decision, when evaluated against other prime resources.”

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