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Recommendation: Mobility Should Become Fully Integrated into Testing Priorities

By Product Management | January 29, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

According to the recent 2012 -13 World Quality Report (WQR) “We were surprised by the relatively low level of proactive structured testing in this increasingly essential area of business connectivity. We believe that mobile testing needs to be a fully integrated element of the QA discipline, so that the mobile strategy of the enterprise takes testing into account right from the start. The strategy should consider the objectives of the business owner, how the mobile app is delivered, and the target user for the app whether that be customers, suppliers, or employees. Organizations need to accept the paradigm shift brought about by mobility and embrace the new notion of quality for mobile apps, which is a departure from traditional standards applied to desktop applications.

… Proliferation of smartphone and mobile devices including the roll-out of 4G and the use of social media continues to exacerbate the issue of fragmentation. As will the need to focus on the user experience and functionality testing as well as performance. If organizations are to turn the mobile opportunity into a business advantage, some will need to ‘skill up’ or ‘skill out’.”

Of course you may expect this from a mobile testing platform, but our customers are continuing to see the value of having a testing strategy as part of their mobility rollouts. This includes planning, testing, automating, and monitoring their apps and services resulting in a shift in their understanding to see it as a need-to-have as opposed to a nice-to-have. Especially enterprise organizations who are investing millions in building out a successful mobile strategy to generate immediate revenue for their bottom line can’t afford to take that risk. There is too much on the line. As the report illustrated the user experience will be king and there’s no better way to test that experience than on a real mobile device.

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