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A nip here, tuck there.

By Aaron Rudger | June 24, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Looking good?  Yes, thanks. We had some work done.

We recently launched DeviceAnywhere 6.0 and introduced some pretty cool stuff in terms of mobile testing automation. The introduction of ScriptObjects technology and integration with HP UFT (QTP) may have overshadowed some enhancements enjoyed by our every day DeviceAnywhere Enterprise and Test Center Developer users.

Now, each time you check out a device in the Test Center Studio, the device will be auto-sized to fit your desktop screen.  This is certainly a time-saver for many. We also now feature zooming in 10% increments adding much more viewing flexibility to the desktop console.

The next time you log into Test Center studio you'll see a latency meter giving you feedback on how well you're connected via the Internet to our remote devices.  "Five Greens" and you have the best possible connection allowing you to maximize your visual output without impacting performance.  Users testing from afar or with poor Internet connections may see yellow or red circles.  If this happens, your video quality control bar allows you to adjust setting to improve performance.

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