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Mobile user experience that isn't all sweet

By Aaron Rudger | June 26, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Keynote offers a 3-screen performance index of start-up websites to provide ongoing insight of performance of new and hip sites as experienced by desktop, smartphone and tablet users. Our monthly findings are published regularly in VentureBeat magazine.  Looking back at recent results, we see that SugarSync has the worst response time for the iPhone user.  At 44.53 seconds, it's pretty slow.

Three screen index results 061613

Downloading the website with Keynote MITE using an iPhone 5 profile we encounter some factors that most likely contribute to the slow performance. The site is quite large (2.2 MB), there are several over-sized objects, and they may be able to improve their use of JavaScript.  While they can benefit from performance testing, but additional functional testing is probably in order as well.  Using Keynote's Test Center Developer we went to the site with an actual iPhone 5 to get a glimpse of the home page.

Sugarsync Home iPhone 5

Firstly, they present an option for getting (and using) their app.  The manner in which they've done it is well thought out.  Some companies will force mobile users down an app only path, while other present an sometimes annoying splash page.  This option makes the app option prominent, but the user can also close it at any time.

What is frustrating on the site is that the content is not well suited for an iPhone user.  Blown up as much as possible, the text is far too small to read.  This despite have a mobile device and promoting mobile usage of their product in the banner.  The blank section circled in green above also shows that elements of the page don't fit the iPhone 5 screen. This is a site that was probably not built with a Mobile First mindset and could benefit from mobile performance and functional testing.

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