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Pixel-perfect and fabulous experience?

By Aaron Rudger | June 24, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality recently was recently featured in Bloomberg News after attaining a $1B valuation. Despite some bumps along the way, the company attributes their success to a pixel-perfect experience.

“We believe in this notion of pixel perfect and we shouldn’t stop short of that,” said Goldberg, 41, who sports a trim beard and neatly coiffed hair. “We should make sure it is done the Fab way.”

When you go to their website you can see that the company sets the bar very high with slick functionality and captivating graphics. But did this perfect experience extend to mobile?  We wanted to know and decided to test for ourselves.

We tested the site on an iPad 4 (retina display) and quickly noticed something amiss.

The New Arrivals field wasn't working:

IPad home

Site visitors were briefly presented with the following:

Pop up

They are then redirected to the following screen asking them if they preferred an app or browser, a strange request for a user that just came from a browser:

Redirect message iPad 4

We then could not use the back button to return to the page:

Cannot go back iPad 4

The iPhone 5 presented the same issue with the New Arrivals section. This from a website that is not optimized for the smartphone user.  Content is far too small to be useful: Home iPhone 5

The site is also designed for the desktop user, therefore hover-over functionality is largely lost to the mobile user:

Desktop hover has a very nice website-- but pixel-perfect is a high bar to set and they're not quite there (yet).

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