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Testing Mobile Apps for Security and Data Integrity on the Rise

By Josh Galde | November 25, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

In a recent article by CIO Insight, the author talks about the annual report issued by Capgemni which polled the needs and methods of testing professionals around the world. In the article the author wrote “Less than 31 percent of companies reported validating mobile applications last year, according to Capgemini’s new World Quality Report 2013-2014. This year, the data show a rapid rise in mobile testing applications. Over 55 percent of organizations interviewed are implementing methods and tools to validate functionality, performance and security. The Capgemini report noted, however, that the meaning of quality assurance (QA) activity differs between markets. In China, for example, where mobile adaption is growing very rapidly, practices lag behind as less than half of executives say their organizations are testing mobile devices. In Eastern Europe, mobile adoption is behind the curve compared to most developed markets, but 69 percent of organizations report testing mobile applications. The Capgemini report says the disconnect from region to region between the popularity of mobile and mobile testing practices could be because less-mature QA organizations may report mobile testing, but partially test only a small number of popular devices.”

We have seen a similar increase in what types of testing is performed by our customers, especially in Europe. Also, we have seen our customers take a more targeted approach when it comes to determining which devices to test on and how many. The result is typically a selection of devices that reaches the broadest group of consumers, therefore diminishing the possibility of errors.

The author continues “Testing for security and data integrity has risen sharply since 2012. Last year, less than 20% of organizations mentioned security testing as their mobile testing priority.”

We have seen this rise as well from our financial customers especially. Security is king in this industry and it is important for them to have a testing platform that can provide them the environment to perform the testing they need to ensure the highest and most secure environment for their customers. This ensures reliability and customer loyalty for years to come…

To read the full World Quality Report 2013-2014 click here.

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