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Mobile Web Performance Study 2013

By Aaron Rudger | October 11, 2013

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Mobile Website Performance

This Summer Keynote measured the performance of 581 popular commerce, ticketing and travel mobile websites. The good news is that the industry averages for mobile web performance are much better off than they were just a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, mobile website performance is still not meeting user expectations.

7 seconds

Finding: Average download speed of the sites was about 7 seconds

Is this good? Are you a glass half-full or half-empty person? In a 2012 Keynote study we found that 2/3 or smartphone users expect a site to download in 4 seconds or less. This means that the industry as a whole can do much better. However, this is a big improvement from two years ago when the average download was 10 seconds.

One fourth

Finding: Over a quarter of all sites met 4 second expectation.

Of course, that means that three quarters didn’t. Once again, a few years ago these speeds were very rare. This is a big improvement.

We are open

Finding: Average availability was 98.52%

This is a big improvement showing that the industry is getting closer to the goal of two-9’s of up time. With the inherent challenges of being connected by a mobile network, this marks real progress for the mobile web.

Two out of three

Finding: Two-thirds of the sites had 99% availability or better

This means that the bottom third of sites in our study pulled down the average. We all know that there are still commerce, travel and ticketing sites that are not paying attention to mobile.99% up-time for the majority of sites suggests that the majority of businesses out there are paying attention.

100 percent

Finding: Three out of Ten mobile sites were available 100% of the time.

When Keynote began monitoring mobile websites years ago, very few sites had 100% availability. The good news is that for the sites that do care, good availability can be had by following best practices. A 100% score does not happen by accident.

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