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New! DNS Mapping for TxP Scripts

By Aaron Rudger | October 14, 2013

CATEGORIES: Web Performance
KITE DNS Mapping

The launch of KITE 6.0 is just days away, and we'd like to tease you with another exciting feature added to our scripting capabilities.

When creating TxP scripts, it was previously possible to override a given host name with a static IP address instead of resolving the host name. In KITE 6, this capability has been enhanced to allow you to substitute a different host name.

For example, you may have originally recorded your script to use “”, but you may wish to test your performance connecting to a particular host in your web server farm: “”:

You can specify a regular expression instead of a simple host name in order to override a set of host names that match the expression. Specify a virtual profile data value to map to one of a set of IP addresses or host names.

If you don’t yet have KITE on your desktop but want to see what all the excitement is about, download it today. Once the new version is available, all users will be automatically updated.

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