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MITE DOM tree viewing

By Aaron Rudger | September 24, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Users of the Keynote Mobile Internet Testing Environment (MITE) know that it's packed full of features for both functional testing, performance testing, and content optimization for mobile websites. One of the greatest things about MITE (besides being free) is that it lets you go far beyond what's apparent to the naked eye. The MITE DOM tree (Document Object Model) view of your website will let you match lines of code back to the images on the screen. What's more, you can get there in a few short steps:

  1. Select the device profiles and web page you would like to test. MITE DOM Tree Browse
  2. Select Views > Configure > DOM tree (feel free to remove other views after you select) Add DOM Tree View
  3. Here we see a blue box that doesn't look we hit the Query (Q) button in the DOM tree pane to stop screen interaction and take a deeper look into the code. Query Button
  4. Click on the missing object and MITE will instantly show you where it's located within the DOM. Identify within DOM Tree
  5. 5. Click within the DOM and get the underlying code. Code detail
  6. How's that for easy.  Oh, did we mention it's free.

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