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Mobile Testing on Tablet Devices in Demand

By Josh Galde | September 19, 2013

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

We have long thought that this would come eventually. Mobile testing has been focused on mobile devices such as smartphones. But within the last year we have been seeing from our own customers  a demand for tablet testing as well including the iPad and Android tablet devices. This has been recently supported by a survey released by IDC and Appcelerator. In it they say “over the next six months, nearly an equivalent percentage of mobile app developers expect to build for tablets as for smartphones: 81.34 percent vs. 84 percent, respectively. Since 2010, the number of developers focusing on enterprise apps has jumped from 38 percent to 51 percent, and the figure is further expected to rise as high as 63 percent by the end of the year.

These latest numbers come from a study conducted in April 2013, in which Appcelerator and IDC surveyed 6,046 Appcelerator Titanium developers. The duo claims this is the world’s largest survey of mobile app developers to date.

The two firms now have three years of survey data to work with, letting them discover some interesting trends supporting the mobile revolution. The fact tablet development has now caught up to smartphone development is noteworthy, as is the increasing focus on the enterprise, but one trend that hasn’t changed is developers’ interest in building for multiple operating systems.”

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