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American Express and Discover Tie for First Place in the Latest Keynote Credit Card Scorecard

By Josh Galde | April 21, 2014

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Keynote is pleased to congratulate American Express and Discover, the winners of our most recent Credit Card Scorecard - Keynote’s twice-yearly ranking of the top U.S. Credit Card Issuer websites. In the Spring 2014 Edition of Keynote’s biannual assessment, American Express and Discover tied for first place for Overall Score, with American Express scoring highest in the Functionality category and Discover scoring highest for Ease of Use.

In addition to scoring first in the Ease of Use category, Discover also took first in the “Get Service” and “Value Added Services” tasks. American Express repeated as a top overall winner from the last Scorecard (Fall 2013), while Discover moved up from 3rd place into a 1st place tie with American Express. Among the other top rated sites surveyed in the Scorecard, Chase took first in the Privacy & Security category, while Bank of America scored highest in the Quality & Availability category.

To obtain a copy of the complete Scorecard and see where your company placed, please see Competitive Intelligence.

Our most recent Scorecard assessment of the top 9 U.S. Credit Card Issuer websites highlighted American Express and Discover’s industry leadership in the key categories of Functionality and Ease of Use. The two made some key improvements to their user interfaces that made it easier for their customers to navigate their sites and accomplish common tasks. They also added significant capabilities, such as providing FICO credit scores to card holders when they log into Discover’s authenticated site, and an improved tool to receive personalized card offers at the American Express public site.

The Scorecard also measures the Issuers’ digital capabilities organized by five common user tasks. Bank of America and America Express both stand out in the Scorecard’s Get Card Task, coming in 1st and 2nd respectively, with impressive resources and ways to shop, select and apply for a card.  Citibank also came in 1st in a key Task, Check and Pay Bill, with flexible payment capabilities and extensive email and text alert options, and shines in the Task’s ease of use best practices.

Mobile capabilities growing

Although it still lags behind the pace of growth shown by its peers in retail deposit account banking, the breadth and depth of the mobile offerings of the leading credit card issuers continued to grow in our latest Scorecard. Currently, the Scorecard found, six of the card issuer’s mobile sites present card information to prospective customers and five provide a form for those prospects to apply via mobile device, allowing for easier shopping and applying for cards at mobile-optimized public pages. Other mobile enhancements included:

  • Improvements to making payments, such as payment scheduling and automatic payments;
  • Transaction search capabilities with mobile users in mind and the ability to view transaction details;
  • Management of alerts and support of push notifications;
  • Mobile access to view prepaid card balances and reload cards, and;
  • Merchant-funded offers targeting mobile users.


The Scorecard uses approximately 300 objective, weighted criteria to measure:

  • How well the bank collectively meets weighted criteria in four categories:
  • Functionality Ease of Use
  • Privacy & Security
  • Quality & Availability
- How well the mobile modes collectively meet weighted criteria:
  • Get Cards
  • Check and Pay Bill
  • Look Up Information
  • Get Service
  • Value Added Services

Next in line for Scorecard assessment by the Keynote’s Analytics team will be the mobile banking offerings of the nation’s top banks, with the next edition of the Mobile Banking Scorecard set for release at the upcoming Mobile Banking Summit in June.

Learn more about Keynote's Scorecards for Financial Services.

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