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Introducing Mobile App Monitoring

By Aaron Rudger | February 22, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance, Mobile Quality

“Mobile-first” is the new mantra for companies today. Nearly every major brand publishes mobile apps and sites, racing to meet the expectations of a workforce “bringing their own devices” and consumers connecting anywhere, anytime. A staggering 102 billion mobile apps were downloaded last year according to Gartner.

But what’s happening after those apps land in the hands of customers? How often do apps fail, or perform poorly? Unfortunately, most companies simply do not know. Gartner estimates that only 5% of IT Operations teams monitor the performance of mobile applications.

Mobile App Monitoring

Today, Keynote introduces Mobile App Monitoring to help companies close this critical blind spot, and manage the challenges of a mobile-first world. Try it today.

Keynote Mobile App Monitoring reveals the performance of mobile apps from your customers’ and employees’ perspective. It is the only 100% cloud solution that requires no modification of the app being monitored to measure both app health and availability. Mobile App Monitoring allows you to:

  • Fast and easily understand mobile app performance
  • Improve mobile application quality and reliability
  • Assure the return on your mobile initiative investment

Real Device Cloud + the Keynote Global Network = Unparalleled Insight

Keynote Mobile App Monitoring integrates our DeviceAnywhere cloud of real smartphones and tablets with the industry’s largest global test and monitoring network and leading monitoring service. By fusing together the best on-demand mobile testing and monitoring platforms, Keynote now offers a holistic solution that delivers unmatched value across Development, QA and Operations teams.

Mobile App Monitoring continuously interacts with your apps 24/7, exactly like a customer does in the real world, using wireless carrier connections for true end user experience. Whether you use our Network’s on-demand devices, or need private instances, Keynote gives you the flexibility to deploy your preferred way.

cellphone tests

Control, Resiliency and Collaboration

Using Keynote’s patented DeviceAnywhere Direct-to-Device® interaction technology, you can quickly record app journeys and modify them with point-and-click ease. Gestures, accelerometer events… anything you can do on a device, you can do in Mobile App Monitoring. Powerful object-level interactions mean fewer monitoring script changes. Plus, you can share scripts with colleagues—including Development and QA—to support more agile processes across your organization.

my keynoteInsight to Improve Your Apps

Stop flying blind to your app performance. Mobile App Monitoring sends you immediate alerts regarding availability and response issues, along with the information you need to take action.

Timing data for each step in your transaction, along with full screenshots, helps you quickly understand where performance issues are impacting user experience.


Once you’ve identified an issue, Mobile App Monitoring allows you to control devices remotely and isolate problems within your app.

A Complete View

24 hour summary graph

When you use Mobile App Monitoring with Keynote’s website monitoring services, you get the full picture of performance across all key customer touch points, including web, mobile web, and mobile apps. Only Keynote can provide everything in one place, on-demand, without any app instrumentation.

You can learn more about Mobile App Monitoring and Keynote’s Website Monitoring solution on our website.

All this adds up to a fast and easy option for getting useful feedback on your apps that contributes to a successful mobile initiative. Ongoing monitoring is an important component of a complete mobile strategy. Keynote will be hosting a webcast featuring Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester Research on this topic—register today to join us on March 18.

Keynote has a long and deep pedigree in mobile, delivering mobile monitoring and testing services to enterprise and telecommunications companies for more than 13 years. Customers currently using Mobile App Monitoring include Fortune 500 leaders in industries such as Financial Services, Entertainment, and Transportation. You can experience the benefits of Keynote Mobile App Monitoring by starting a free trial today.

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