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Performance Matters on Valentine's Day

By Aaron Rudger | February 13, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance
IE Load

Valentine season is upon us inspiring all sorts of Internet humor and mischief. One website thought it funny to take a stab at a message lost in IE because of poor page loading speed.  While some may laugh, it underscores an important message for the Web. What could have been a very enjoyable online experience can be seriously damaged by a poor content download. While this is a humorous look at important matter, it’s not an issue for IE users only. Slow loads can happen on any browser you choose.  It’s entirely possible that everything works well in IE, and that the Firefox experience is hurt by Valentine's Day "performance issues."

FF Load

And if content isn’t optimize for mobile devices, a message love could be lost over a smartphone just as easily:

Smartphone Load

Remember that the speed and quality of the user experience can often play a huge role in the effectiveness of web content. Just like a Valentine message—sometimes you only get one shot to get it right.  Be sure to continually test and monitor web content, do it over multiple browsers (hint: Chrome is coming soon!), and don’t forget to include mobile.

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