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TD Canada Trust Scores Big Win with Major Site Improvements

By Aaron Rudger | January 16, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance
Canadian Banking 2014

Congrats to TD Canada Trust for taking first place for Overall Customer Experience in Keynote’s recent (Q4 2013) study of Canadian Banking Websites!

TD Canada Trust had the highest scores for two of the study’s key drivers, Brand Impact and Customer Satisfaction, and was second for Acquisition Impact (after President’s Choice Financial) to take the overall crown. The bank’s scores showed marked improvements across the board from our previous annual study, demonstrating their commitment to continuously improving their online experience for current customers and prospects alike.

The study is part of the work performed by Competitive Intelligence, the competitive research group within Keynote. Winners of Keynote Competitive Research studies are invited to participate in the company’s Online Excellence Program which recognizes the "best of the best" websites as ranked in the studies. The rankings are based on responses from real users who were observed as they accomplished tasks on each of the sites studied, as well as real data collected through Keynote website monitoring to assess the technical quality of the sites.

For the ‘Customer Experience’ portion of the study, Keynote observed and conducted online interviews with more than 1,650 prospective customers (275 per site) as each interacted with the website of one of six leading Canadian banks: BMO Bank of Montreal , CIBC, President’s Choice Financial, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust. The study ran from Nov. 1-Nov. 15, 2013.

Additional highlights from the Study for TD Canada Trust include:

Top Ranking for Site Organization -- TD Canada Trust was a top site because of its organized layout and simple, clean look and feel.

Top Ranking for Help and Support -- TD Canada Trust improved significantly in 2013—in terms of contextual help, tips and instructions as well as clarity of which phone numbers to call in which circumstances and ease of access to customer support. TD Canada Trust performed well due to the site making it easy to see/ find customer service and help, and the availability of multiple options for resolving problems and contacting the bank.

These results show that TD Canada Trust clearly understands that Performance Matters and for that, we salute you.

The entire study is available for immediate purchase. To request more information please visit:

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