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Monitoring Mobile Messaging Services with Keynote

By Aaron Rudger | July 23, 2014

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Texting is big business. Brands use mobile messaging—SMS, MMS, push—in campaigns to engage with consumers interactively across a wide range of media channels. And beyond marketing campaigns, mobile messaging powers other scenarios like authentication, reference, notification and more. Applications that use messaging like SMS drive engagement in unique contexts. And unlike email, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

But leveraging mobile messaging most commonly requires the usage of service providers, especially for short code services. Whether you’re developing messaging features yourself, or partnering with an outside agency, you’ll be relying on third parties. The cost isn’t trivial—you may be paying $1,000s per month for service. And guess what? Providers don’t all deliver the same level of service, and sometimes they drop the ball altogether. So how do you get the most from your investment?

Keynote Web Monitoring tells you exactly how your messaging application functionality is working. With Keynote, you can objectively measure the service levels of your messaging providers. But most importantly, you can ensure that customers won’t be waiting for the right text to arrive while attempting to finish an important transaction like sign-on, make a payment, vote, etc.

How it works

First, you tell the Keynote Web Monitoring platform what you want to monitor based on your application workflow. In this example, we’ll:

  1. send a SMS text to the short code 9329 with the message “Confirm”
  2. wait, and receive a SMS text in reply
  3. click the link in the message

The script to drive this transaction is described as:

var shortcode = "9329"; var keyword = "Confirm"; var timeout = 90; var textvalidation = "click here"; SendSMS(shortcode,keyword,""); WaitSMSFilter(shortcode,timeout,""); SearchInPage(textvalidation,0,0); ClickOnSMSLink();

Keynote will test this transaction 24/7 and measure both success/failure and the time it takes to complete. You can measure this across different wireless operators and locations around the world from our global network—the largest available. For example, you can choose to test your app every 30 minutes from ATT, Sprint and Verizon in San Francisco, Dallas, and New York, plus on Orange and Vodafone in London, and Telstra in Toronto.

The chart below shows the performance of a real SMS transaction we monitor for one of our customers. While the majority of transactions here occur in less than 10 seconds, a significant number take twice that time, and several climb close to a full minute. That’s not instant messaging.


No doubt, today it’s a mobile-first world. Keynote is dedicated to providing mobile-first solutions, services and advice so you can capitalize on every opportunity. Optimizing every aspect of your customers' experience drives engagement and conversion. But that demands understanding how your digital touchpoints perform in the context of achieving your business goals. Contact us to ensure your messaging service makes the grade with stellar performance and reliability!

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