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Keynote March 3-Screen Shootout

By Aaron Rudger | March 13, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

The NCAA “March Madness” Tournament is about to begin and to keep up with the spirit of the competition; we’ve created the Keynote March 3-Screen Shootout. We will be monitoring a “Sweet 16” list of websites likely to see heavy traffic during the tournament. We’ll be following these sites starting on Selection Sunday (March 16th) and running through to the Championship Game (April 7th).

keynote sweet 16

Our Shootout will track website response time and availability across three screens (desktop, smartphone and tablet).   Online has a huge role to play during the tournament.  People at work will undoubtedly be checking from the desktop to try to stay up with the games, those on the go will be reaching for smartphones to stay connected.  Finally, those fans catching the game on the big screen from the fan cave will have tablet in hand to provide a connection to the outside world.

To make things more exciting, we’ve grouped the sites into four “brackets” – with no eliminations!  Each bracket features prominent names in four verticals: Education, Retail (Sports Apparel), (Sports) Media and Food.  Which one will come out on top?  Who will win the head-to-head match ups? Will one region dominate over another?  You’ll need to check back to find out!

The Shootout is our way of having fun while reinforcing three important principals:

  1. Sites are judged on a head-to-head competition
  2. Performance needs to be optimized over 3-Screens (desktop, smartphones and tablets)
  3. Sites need to be prepared for peak traffic
  4. It’s not a coincidence that these are three areas where Keynote can help companies prepare for big events.

    The Brackets

    Schools: We’re monitoring the basketball team page of four historically strong basketball schools.  We selected schools based on recent team rankings and with an eye for geographical diversity. Any school with a sports team should realize that there’s often a small window of high traffic to both sell merchandise and please deep-pocketed alumni.

    • Florida
    • Syracuse
    • Kansas
    • Arizona

    Sports Media: these (in order) are the top four sports media sites. Each has a slightly different profile and should see good traffic from fans looking for scores, stats, stories and more. What’s more, CBS is carrying the games, so the pressure is on.

    • Yahoo! Sports
    • ESPN
    • Bleacher Report
    • CBS Sports

    Sports Apparel: Team branded apparel is a big business and all of these sites are selling team gear.

    • NCAA Shop (
    • Fanatics
    • Sports Authority
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods

    Food: These are the foods of choice for hardcore enthusiasts. All can be ordered in some form online and three have been major advertisers in past tournaments.

  5. Pizza Hut
  6. Subway
  7. Wing Stop
  8. Trends we’ll be looking out for include:

    • Any major performance issues
    • Desktop (at work) v. Tablet (on the couch) v. Smartphone (on the go)
    • Bracket v. Bracket comparison
    • Intra-bracket comparison
    • Location trends
    • Time of day analysis
    • Performance over time

    Be sure to check back throughout the tournament to get the latest.  We're not sure what's going to unfold or who will come out on top... but it will be fun.

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