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Opening Rounds: It's on! (Part 3)

By Aaron Rudger | March 21, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Opening Round: Sports Media

Performance: Sound like a broken record? Desktop and Tablet sites performed reasonably well during our opening round of review.  The smartphone however, did not do as well.

The Bleacher Report experienced the most performance issues staring March 15th and saw a gradual increase averaging 56.08s for the six day period.

All Media sites on smartphones, except ESPN, saw performance degradation on the big day, March 20th, starting around 3:45 AM PT until about 3:45 PM PT.  This is around the time many on the East coast are leaving for work and lasting until many get home.

Sport Apparel 2

Availability:  While the desktop and tablet users experience fairly normal availability, smartphone users had a difficult time staying connected to their favorite sits.Yahoo! Sports experienced serious availability issues averaging just 41.82% (less than ½ of the time) and dipped at one point just 11.76% on March 17th around 4 AM PT (7AM Eastern).

Sports Media 2

During this time of low availability, Yahoo! Sports was failing due to request timeout errors:

Sports Media 3

And here's what smartphone users saw:

Sports Media 4 Sports Media 4
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