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Opening Rounds: It’s on! (Part 4)

By Aaron Rudger | March 21, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Opening Round: University Bracket


All University sites on smartphones, except University of Florida, saw periodic performance degradation with Duke University being the worst and averaging 53.2 seconds along with University of Arizona which averaged 37.6 seconds. University 1


 Also on the smartphone, Duke University experienced serious issues averaging just 86.43% availability for the opening round and University of Arizona was not far behind with just 87.53% availability.  University of Arizona at one point reported just 40.91% on March 18th around 8:45 PM PT. University 2

At the low point of availability, we found several errors:

University 3

And here’s what Arizona smartphone users saw:

University 4

Let’s hope to see better performance on the court.

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