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Size Matters: March 3-Screen Shootout takes a look (Part 2)

By Aaron Rudger | March 28, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Does size matter? It does when it comes to website performance. Being fast is good. And bigger is not better. In the Keynote March 3-Screen Shootout we look at websites likely to see heavy traffic during the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Now, let’s look at popular food sites for sports enthusiasts and see the impact of site size:



Pizza Hut continued its run as the best Food site in performance, averaging only 2.04 seconds.  Subway was on the other end of the spectrum, averaging 3.39 seconds for the five day period.


Bytes Downloaded:

Pizza Hut averaged around the least 866KB while Subway and Wingstop averaged the most with a nearly identical 3.36MB.


Pizza Hut once again was the best, averaging only 1.35 seconds.  Meanwhile Quiznos trailed the Food pack for tablets, averaging 3.46 seconds.


Bytes Downloaded: Subway averaged the most around 4MB while Pizza Hut averaged the least around 553KB.



The smartphone featured different players at the top and the bottom, but the size story was the same. Dominos was the best performing site, averaging 21.93 seconds over a 3G connection.  Wingstop was the slowest averaging 43.35 seconds.


Bytes Downloaded:Dominos, the fastest smartphone site, was the lightest around 185KB while Quiznos on the whole was the heaviest at over 1.6MB.

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